Selasa, 22 April 2014

Only Two Airlines Join the Hajj Flight Tender

Although the requirement to participate in the tender in 2014 haj flight is easy , it does not necessarily facilitate all domestic airlines . Evidently , after the tender was opened in March 2014 Hajj flights yesterday , from a total of 12 operators who were invited by the Ministry of Religious Affairs to participate in the tender pilgrimage , only two are ready to follow the process.

Both the airline is Garuda Indonesia and Saudi Arabian Airlines . Ten other airlines decided to resign .

Anggito Abhimanyu , Hajj and Umrah Operation Director of Religious Affairs , said that other airlines are invited to declare that they are not ready to participate in the bidding process . The Government through the Ministry of Transportation some time ago sebenatnya have loosened requirements for airlines that wish to participate in the tender hajj flights 2014.

Herry Bakti Gumay , Director General of Civil Aviation , Ministry of Transportation said the concessions made ​​by removing the existence of documents International Air Transport Association Safety Oversight ( IOSA ) of the mandatory requirement that must be met by the airline that wants to participate in the tender hajj flights . This document is a document IOSA audit stating that the airline has qualified flight .

Anggito added , although these conditions are met , a number of airlines are still not ready to meet the other requirements . Some of them , about the terms of international flights as well as aircraft that should be used .

" They're real excited , but not yet ready , " said Anggito in Jakarta, Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

Meanwhile Audrey Petriny , Communication Manager recognizes Indonesia Air Asia airline is not yet ready to participate in the tender hajj flight , 2014. According to him , until now there are administrative requirements that can not be met by Air Asia to participate in the tender in 2014 haj flight .

But unfortunately , Audrey refuses to mention the administrative requirements that meant . " The point is there are some administrative requirements that we have not been completed , " he said as quoted KONTAN .

Air Asia says Audrey hopes , all the administrative requirements can be resolved this year . Thus, maskapaunya next year to take part in the tender hajj flights .
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For the record , the government in 2014 haj season will be dispatched around 152 thousand pilgrims . Based on the decisions taken by the government and the House some time ago , the cost of providing Hajj ( BPIH ) in 2014 amounted to 3,129 U.S. dollars , or USD 33.779 million . These costs are down by $ 59,000 when compared to the organization of the Hajj in 2013 .


Four Thieves Money PDIP Witness Arrested

Police Criminal Investigation Unit and Palopo , South Sulawesi uncover the perpetrators of theft of money witness Indonedia Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDIP ) Palopo Rp 30 million that disappeared last April 7 in front of the office of the Board of Directors Branch PDIP Palopo , Orchid Road , Village Tompotikka , Palopo .

Palopo Chief of Police , Assistant Commissioner , Guntur Muh confirmed that members had to catch the culprit . They are Fuddin ( 30 ) , Ardi ( 28 ) , Muliadi ( 31 ), a resident of Makassar and Safri ( 23 ) citizens of Gowa .
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" Arrested members of the Police Wajo , after the interrogation , the culprit turns out there are four people and they admit to acting in Palopo , " Guntur said to reporters , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 .

Thunder added , four thieves caught stealing money when a customer of Bank Mandiri in Wajo , fortunately , the action of these thieves caught and immediately chased members of the police while trying to escape Wajo . " They use the car in action and it is the target bank customers who take large amounts of money , " he said .

He said in addition to the two perpetrators , the police are still pursuing the other two actors are also involved in theft cases in the city Palopo . This cross-district thieves arrested by members of the Police detectives yesterday Wajo on Monday night .

When the Police will arrest members Wajo , forced to shoot these thieves for trying to run away and fight the officers .

While chairman of the PDIP Palopo , Alfri Jamil , giving appreciation to the police for the successful capture of the perpetrators of ripened [ okan money PDIP witnesses . From the recognition of the perpetrators , a place to store money bag booty dumped at the border town Palopo and North Toraja Regency .

The top inisden , said Alfri , PDIP very disadvantaged because almost all of the witnesses were not on duty at the polling station PDIP because the money will be paid to most of the witnesses had been stolen in the car Frans P Maelongan , in front of the PDIP Palopo .

" In addition to the money there are some important files inside the bag contents , among other reports Palopo PDIP campaign accounts , " said Alfri .


Ahok : Actually not Need No More district head and Glens

Ahok : Actually not Need No More district head and Glens
Vice Governor of Jakarta , the light Basuki Purnama , promise ranks immediately improve the quality of community servers . One way is to create One Door Integrated Service ( PTSP ) .

According Ahok , greeting Basuki , with the PTSP in kelurahan and the district 's required is a professional who is able to make the service better. Ahok pointed out , the task leader kelurahan office and the district as a manager at a bank branch .
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" PTSP we made ​​a mistake. Concepts I actually speak of regional autonomy laws , and that all office groove is PTSP office . Subtansi We do not understand the Law 32 of 2004 on local government, that we have become the unit of work. Then how to resolve simple, camat and the valley, then it should not be there again in Indonesia, "said Ahok at Jakarta 's City Hall , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 .

Presented Ahok , with ketidakpahaman in substance that, when the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta do auction department and camat valley , many people are against . But when studied with the Law undnag oriented public service.

"The first time we did a selection campaign openly insulting people consider our law when it is not. UU We have driven this 32 trial units of public service work . We are looking for a manager to find a public server , so no insult , " said Ahok . (ren )


Sabtu, 19 April 2014

Compliance Unit oversee company compliance on Social Security

Social Security Agency ( BPJS ) Employment form of Corporate Compliance Division to inspect the company's adherence to the social security program .

Managing Director BPJS Masasya G. Masassya in London on Friday , said that the division was formed as a follow up of the Act authorizes BPJS BPJS inspect the company's compliance in workers participate in the social security program .

The inspection unit will also be established at the regional offices and branch offices throughout Indonesia . " This unit will work in a coordinated manner from the center to the area and can cooperate with other regulatory units , such as the labor inspectors in the Ministry of Manpower and employment agencies at the provincial , district , and city , " said Masasya .

Kewenang inspect a new authority for BPJS formerly called PT Social Security . This authority authorizes the BPJS it to come to the company to do the inspection and supervision , but does not have the authority to make the investigation report and dragged the company to court .

In Malaysia and Singapore , social security agencies have the authority to drag the company to court and propose rogue asset freeze and banking services to companies that do not include workers in the social security program .

The participation of workers and families in the social security program is normative rights ( basic ) for workers who must be satisfied the company where they work .

Currently there are 12,388,193 workers who become active participants of social security , while there are 100 million other workers ( formal and informal ) that have not joined the social security .

Conditions that indicate awareness of employers and workers are still low . They are ignorant of the rights of workers on the risk of accidents , death and old age and retirement funds sufficient .

The company expects to realize expected somewhat difficult because the previous law already mandates . Now with inspection authority , which according to some people is still not enough , then BPJS could force employers to care for the protection of labor .
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On the other hand , the existence BPJS under President directly gives its own authority and place it on a better position .


Jumat, 18 April 2014

Stroke in wheelchairs , President of Algeria Achieves Fourth Term

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika won his fourth term after winning elections declared ( election ) . The leader of the country 's 77-year -old defeated presidential candidate of the opposition .

" Abdelaziz Bouteflika re- settled in the president's office over 81 % of the vote , " the Interior Ministry 's announcement , as published by the BBC on Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .

Since pemilihah begins , some parties opposed pencapresan Abdelaziz Bouteflika condition because that is not qualified to be the leader of the country . Abdelaziz was suffering a stroke . Day-to- day , he was in a wheelchair .
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In addition , some parties felt there would be no change in Algeria Abdelaziz rule back when .

When giving right to vote at the polling station , Abdelaziz wearing full tier and wheelchairs . In recent years , the president was seen in public because of illness .

However, these conditions do not make the voice of the people declined . He declared the election win .


Algerian elections did not go smoothly . Clashes were triggered by the election vandals . They want to boycott the elections because the incumbent pencapresan , Abdelaziz Bouteflika . They protested " Barakat " - meaning enough .

The clashes in the restive Kabylie region of Algeria , between security forces and opposition youths presidential election , on Thursday, April 17 last , causing about 70 people were injured .

Youth groups separately trying to disrupt voting in the Bouira region , southeast of Algiers , raided polling places ( TPS ) in three locations after opening at 07.00 local time .

Riot police came and then fired tear gas to disperse them .

Islamic coalition and opposition parties had also called for a boycott . Stating undue election because of health conditions Abdelaziz Bouteflika .

While the three presidential candidates who had previously been declared to vote , decided to withdraw from the bout after Abdelaziz stated pencapresannya .

For the third candidate , they will not win . For when Abdelaziz back a presidential candidate , he is definitely going to win .


A total of 30 Percent of Indonesian Coral Reefs Damaged

The study, conducted by researchers Indonesian Institute of Sciences shows Indonesia's coral reefs are still a lot of damage . Observations on 1,135 stations showed 30.4 percent of existing coral reef locations were in poor condition . Only 27 percent of coral reef locations was observed otherwise in good condition . While coral reefs are very good not to six percent . ( Read : Coral Reefs in the Flores Sea Destroyed )

The area of ​​coral reef in Indonesia reached 2.5 million hectares or about 14 percent of global coral reefs . LIPI researchers began their study on coral reefs since 1993 . In 1998 , a program of rehabilitation and management of coral reefs ( COREMAP ) begins . " What COREMAP in 15 cities and counties , it covers 30 percent of the total cover of Indonesian coral reefs , " said Dr. . Giyanto , researchers from the Center for Oceanographic Research in the discussion on building LIPI , Jakarta , Thursday, April 17, 2014 .
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In western Indonesia , a study conducted in eight cities / districts , namely Central Tapanuli , Nias , South Nias , Mentawai District , District Natuna , Riau Islands Regency , Regency Linga and Batam . While the study area in the central and eastern part of Indonesia includes District Pangkajene Islands , District Selayar , Wakatobi , Sikka , Noemfoor Biak and Raja Ampat .

Although the damaged area is relatively large , there is a trend Giyanto said coral reefs improvement increases . Based on observations during the seven years since 2004 , the increase in coral cover in western Indonesia reaches four percent per year . While in eastern Indonesia , an increase in coral cover up to three percent per year . " The decline in coral cover in Biak Noemfoor storm in 2009 , and coral bleaching due to temperature rise in 2010 , says Giyanto .

Suharsono , principal investigator in the field of coral reef LIPI , said coral reefs are damaged by natural events generally be the same again . The ability of Indonesia's coral reefs to recover after disaster struck as very good . "Within 7-8 years the structure of coral reefs can recover, " he said .

Biodiversity and ocean currents in Indonesian waters also support coral reef repair . This is in contrast to the Hawaiian Islands or the Caribbean . Suharsono said in 1988 Banda Volcano erupted , spewing lava into the sea which kills coral reefs . Within seven years has been recovered , he said , because the condition of its waters are very supportive .

While the damage to coral reefs caused by human activities beyond repair . Human activities that damage coral reefs include the use of blast fishing , trawling , cyanide , and pencemara sea . " Coral reefs in Jakarta Bay will not be able to recover because of contamination at the site was very severe , " said Suharsono .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Starting in June, Trains Remote Should Sign Jakarta before 6 am

In an effort to provide maximum service to the users of electric train ( KRL ) Line Commuter Jabodetabek , PT Kereta Api Indonesia ( KAI ) will change the graphics planning train travel ( Timetabling ) for long distance trains in and out of Jakarta .

According to the plan , as of June 2014 , all trains should no longer operating distances above at 06.00 am . " Starting in June the whole long-distance trains outside the city of Jakarta has to be entered before 06.00 pm . So it does not coincide with the KRL , " said Head of Public Relations of PT KAI, Sugeng Priyono to , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) afternoon .

Sugeng explained , are aimed at making the conversion Timetabling KRL can reach distances between trains arrival at the station ( headway ) as often as possible , especially to cope with passenger density in the morning .

Even so , said Sugeng , Timetabling schedule changes for long-distance trains will only be applied to the morning schedule .

" We prioritize people who go to work in the morning because it should not be too late . If for the afternoon hours , there just is not much change , because right when afternoons return home alone live it , " he said .

Previously , President Director of PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek ( KCJ ) Tri Handoyo admit , many problems occurred in the service Jabodetabek KRL Commuter Line . The problem , he said , include frequent signal interference and less rapid headway .

The second thing that happens because of the age old means of signaling , and still bercamburnya electric train track with a train line distance , both passenger trains and freight trains .

Especially on track , Tri said , the operation should not train like urban electric train track used mixed with long-distance trains . Urban trains require a different arrangement of long-distance trains for urban rail mileage shorter , but requires trains to be passed as often as possible .

" Around the world , the commuter rail tracks for himself . Why , because time is very short . So very detailed settings . So should not be disturbed by other trains . So there is accuracy . , But that such Sukit achieved when the track is still used with ( long-distance trains ) , " Tri said Sudirman Station , this afternoon .

Therefore , he welcomed the plan to double track construction Manggarai - Bekasi . According to him , the langlah very appropriate because this often during the service KRL Jakarta - Bekasi often disrupted by alternately using lines with long-distance trains bound for West Java , Central Java , and East Java .
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" Double the concept has a long track and it will be built by the government . Thus intercity trains have their own track , KRL has its own track . So , do not disturb each other , " he said .